The DTS projectors light up the party of Napoli Pizza Village

Join one of the most beautiful and picturesque cities of our country, a cast with the most beloved Italian artists, and the product of our most celebrated culinary tradition in the world, pizza. Here is ‘Napoli Pizza Village’, the event that for 8 years has won hundreds of thousands of people with its engaging format: a true feast for the palate, eyes and hears.

The festival will run 1 to 10 June on the famous Caracciolo seafront – where the best Neapolitan pizza makers will perform, with 50 ovens uninterruptedly making endless varieties of pizza – and will land for ten consecutive nights on a maxi stage that hosts spectacular events. Every evening a concert by a different artist: on stage the best of Italian music, such as Fabrizio Moro, Annalisa, Le Vibrazioni, Noemi and Mario Biondi.

DTS – technical partner of the event in collaboration with Argo Service – lights Napoli Pizza Village with its projectors for the fourth consecutive year. So Luigi Petroli (Argo Service) has described the installation:

“Argo Service has made both the lighting project and the set-up. For Napoli Pizza Village we use more than 100 DTS projectors; on the stage, we arranged the moving heads NRG 1401, EVO and WONDER, and the LED bars KATANA on the inner faces of the layers; we use also the RAPTORs beam fixtures in backlight.
On the Caracciolo seafront, we installed the RAPTORs to project powerful light beams on air, and the BRICKs to light the entire route.”