Respublika: a new out of time immersive event

2020 has been a very tough year for the entertainment industry and still many countries are struggling with the world crisis, however there are some encouraging signs coming from Lithuania, where an immersive, engaging and innovative show is about to take off.

At the Vilnius Film Cluster, from September the 3rd to the 5th, the new artistic project “Respublika”, directed by the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre, will be rolled out.

The artists on stage will test the concept of basic income. We are nowadays inserted in a world where “the control” is a key word, in which inequalities grow, the faults of democracies are perceived and we get astonished by the redistribution of power and the threat of a climate catastrophe. What would happen if the working rules were redefined?

An increasing part of the population realizes that current laws create chaos and an overall injustice that would have never been expected in earlier decades. “Respublika” will question this new work nature: has it become a mere vehicle for achieving the desired GDP?

That’s the right historical moment to stage this show, a new theatrical experience in which, out of space and time, the director Lukasz Twarkowski invites the audience to interact with the artists. The loose structure offers the opportunity to stay in a closed community where stories, food and even a sauna can be shared.

The engagement level depends on the audience itself – everyone has the freedom to take active part into the event or just observe the performance.

For this innovative and immersive experience, a lighting structure capable of enhancing its peculiar features was essential. Sonus, DTS exclusive distributor for Lithuania, suggested to use 30 Alchemy 5 moving heads to meet these needs.

Ramunas Alenksas, Head of Sales for SONUS EXSERTUS, commented the first rehearsal:

“Guys, we have a claim to submit from the LD of the National Drama Theatre. “Those beasts are too good for us. It’s impossible to understand how they created such a great product!”


Alchemy 5, equipped with a fresnel lens and a new color generation system, will design the stage with pastel shades, warm and enveloping colors. The dreamlike effect will take the stage out of the physical reality, during 6 hours in which, the international team of artists will drag the audience to this unique show.

  • YEAR 2020
  • Photos credits@Simonas Lankutis photography
  • DirectorLukasz Twarkowski
  • Exclusive distributorSonus Exsertus
  • Products involvedALCHEMY 5