The Tallinn Song Festival Grounds received modern lighting

The second stage of the lighting solution of the song arch complex was presented to the public at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. If last year the song arch and the main building received modern lighting, now when the darkness arrives, the Lighthouse and the Radio Tower can be seen in full beauty.

“Already when undertaking the lighting work on the main building and the song arch, it was clear that we must solve the highlighting of the Lighthouse and Radio Tower on the same principle,” said Urmo Saareoja, the director of Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. “One of the most symbolic objects in Estonia has received a very dignified addition. Increasing lighting also increases the overall security of the area.

Saareoja added that the new lighting solution could become an important part of future events at Lauluväljak.Our powerful floodlights and modern control systems have already put the minds of lighting artists to work in full swing, and I’m sure that when concerts and performances become part of our daily lives, we’ll see exceptionally exciting lighting games.”

Peeter Randväli, the head of the company RGB Baltic OÜ, who performed the work, was glad to have been able to contribute to the development of Tallinn Song Festival Grounds.

“Similar to the lighting of the main building and the song arch, we also did a very thorough preliminary work so that the result would be of maximum quality. It is one of the business cards of our country and every detail must be in place here.
I hope that the song arch complex will be an example and that more and more buildings will be enriched by lighting emphasizing architecture. There is quite a lot of dark time in Estonia, and such lighting solutions make people happy.”

  • YEAR 2020-2021
  • DTS distributor
    for Baltic States
    RGB Baltic
  • Project managerPeeter Randváli
  • Lighting DesignerMeelis Lusm ägi
  • Photo creditsAndrus Tsemin
  • Product involvedMINI BRICK 12; BRICK 24