The Church of St. Nicholas: a national monument lit by DTS

The Church of St. Nicholas is located in the village of Meijel, the Netherlands.
Built in Neo-Gothic style in the 12th century, the church was rebuilt several times over the years on the same original site.
The 80 meters tall bell tower (one of the highest in the Netherlands) is a characteristic feature of the entire region.
In 1968, the Church has become a national monument.
A lighting installation recently completed has totally reconfigured the lighting of the building with the use of a wide range of DTS LED projectors, including FOS, TITAN, FOCUS and HELIOS.
The lighting project allows a good operating flexibility: the light intensity and the colors are adjustable; so national and religious festivities can be described with different colors.
In the evening, the bell tower, thanks to the lighting of its end – shaped as an octagonal spire – becomes a landmark visible from a great distance.

  • Lighting projectPeter van Kempen
  • InstallerRots Maatwerk
  • Products involvedFOCUS, FOS, TITAN