BRICK colors the Cosmote building in Athens

Amazing performance of the BRICK, probably the best fixture in its category on the market right now!

Said George Tellos, LD of the impressive lighting installation that illuminated the massive Cosmote headquarters in Athens.


Cosmote is the largest provider of wireless communications services in Greece, located in Marousi, Athens. Cosmote headquarters have a unique shape, made of a central cylinder connected to three buildings, like the spokes of a wheel.

The company decided to highlight the imposing structure by a custom designed lighting system to work for 25 days during Christmas and new year eve 2018.
No less than 74 fixtures by DTS were used in the project.

So George Tellos described the installation:

We have used the RAPTOR units set on the ground uplighting the facade of the building. We made a special water-proof protection for the RAPTORs and they performed excellent during this time. I remember very well the amazing and reliable performance of the RAPTORs during the Sochi Winter Olympics.

For the rounded facade and the sides we used color wash made by the BRICKs. We preferred to keep the look “classy” and chose only two color combinations: Blue-White and Blue-Green, as those are the colors of Cosmote logo. We programmed very slow color fades, as we had to take into account the public signage regulations.

  • YEAR 2017/2018
  • Lighting DesignLIGHTING ART, Designer George Tellos
  • Technical equipmentMELETIOS KARIOTIS Event Productions
  • Production CompanyYARD SA, Atene