EIMA 2018: the BRICKs light up the New Holland stand

EIMA‘ – the fair of agricultural mechanization among the most important in Europe – was held 7 to 11 November in Bologna.

MMS, one of the major Italian rental companies, designed the lighting setup for the large New Holland booth (CNH group), a space of approx. 3000 square meters. It was a 100% DTS setup, with 434 lighting fixtures used, including BRICK, NICK NRG 1201, WONDER.D, SCENA LED 80 and EVO.

Sergio Cattaneo, designer and LD for the New Holland stand, described the installation.

“I had a nice variety of light sources, all DTS: RGBW LEDs, white LEDs, and discharge lamps.
I used the BRICKs to light up the range of medium-small vehicles. The BRICKs were hung on the trusses at 7.5 m height; I used various holographic filters to obtain the most suitable projection angle: many 20° filters, some 60° x 10° and some 40° filters.
The one I use most is the 10° custom filter, which makes BRICK deliver a uniform color and top brightness; very useful as an accent light on vehicles details.
I used the NRG 1201 units to light the small vehicles and the WONDER.D for the larger ones, and the EVOs to light the platforms and to highlight the engines or chrome parts.
Also, I placed the SCENA LED 80 projectors throughout the lower part of the stand where I had the electrified rails installed.

There are latest generation agricultural vehicles featuring very bright finishes and colors, very automotive style. My concept of the exhibition is that of a great theater; so my goal is to bring out the vehicles as much as possible, by exploiting the brilliance of their varnishes.
I used the whites, appropriately adjusting the color temperature, and sometimes even the colors, especially to highlight particular nuances of the vehicles on display.

For the New Holland stand at EIMA I was responsible for the lighting design and light plot; I worked with Danilo Anzalone and Roberto Caroli – colleagues, professionals and friends – for the aiming of the projectors, while I shared the programming (8 SMPTE tracks, 25 minutes each) with Mattia Carli.”