DTS at Comacchio Beach Festival, with Anastacia

On June 7th and 8th, on the beach of Porto Garibaldi, in the heart of the ‘Biosfera Delta del Po’ – a nature reserve recognized by UNESCO – took place the ‘Comacchio Beach Festival’, music for environmental sustainability.

Two evenings of great live music lit up by DTS projectors, enhanced by the presence of a world star.

The great Anastacia, opening Bianca Atzei, gave her fans a memorable performance including her planetary hits, from ‘I’m outta love’ to ‘Left outside alone’, to ‘I belong to you’ sung in choir with the audience.

We thank Thomas Tassinari – director of ‘Croma’, the rental company that took care of the installation of the stage and the video, audio and lighting systems of the Festival – for the interview he gave us.

There were 92 motorized DTSs, both LED and discharge, hanging on trusses or on the floor.

Would you like to talk about your light setup?

We installed 44 LED wash fixtures (18 WONDER, 8 NRG 1201 and 18 NRG 501) that we mainly used to ‘dress’ the stage with the colors that best suited the mood of the various songs.

Then I used 44 CORE, all as backlights: on trusses, on the floor in front of the stage and on the side towers.

The COREs really cut through, tracing in the air with great effectiveness.

I installed the COREs for this event because they are both excellent beam and spot projectors, and also good alternatives to the wash fixtures, thanks to the 3 built-in different frost filters that you can insert; in short, they are very versatile. As far as regards their performance in concert, I can say that they showed a great power delivering a massive luminosity.”