The DIVE series for the Gyokusendo Cave

Create a mysterious space with a natural beauty and a production that emphasizes the texture.

Gyokusendo Cave is a show cave located in Japan (Okinawa Prefecture).
This limestone cave, which was created by nature over a period of 300,000 years, has a total length of 5,000 m and contains more than one-million stalactites, making it one of the largest limestone caves in Japan.

In April 2020, the cave’s interior staging was renewed, and DTS‘s full-color underwater spotlight “DIVE series” was adopted for the underground river flowing through the cave with the aim to emphasize the transparency and the natural color of water.

Many stalactites formed over many years by gradually melting Ryukyu limestone, which is mainly composed of coral and rainwater.
We have devised special lighting arrangements, angles and colors to enhance the mysteriousness of the space and to highlight all the different shapes and textures of each one.

  • YEAR 2020
  • Exclusive DTS Distributor
    for Japan
    Ushio Lighting, Inc.
  • ClientGyokusendo
  • Photo creditsChris Willson
  • Products involvedDIVE 6; DIVE 3