DTS lights the Sacramentskerk of Breda, the Netherlands

Full AVL company was recently contacted by the project lighting firm Ledsgo Led, with the request for a suitable solution for the various lighting needs of the Sacramentskerk, one of the largest churches in Breda, the Netherlands.


The aim was to create a multifunctional system suitable for different activities: a basic white light for religious functions, and colorful and evocative scenes for sacred themed musical events. Patrick Leijten, director of Full AVL, has designed a dedicated lighting system, entirely based on LED technology, consisting of 132 DTS projectors.
After the tests carried on to check the efficiency and functionality of the projectors, the system has been definitively implemented.

The set up includes:
12x SCENA LED 80 3000 K, 16x SCENA LED 80 FC, 4x PROFILO LED 80 3000 K.
In addition, 26x FREELINE 90 FC, 36x FOCUS FC, 16x FOCUS PINSPOT and 22x FOCUS SOLO ZOOM were installed, powered and controlled remotely by 3x DRIVENET 832 units.
Full AVL has also supplied the DMX management system and made the lighting programming.


The Sacramentskerk is considered a monument of the city, due to the particularity of the roof built in concrete.
This structure, in fact – dating back to 1926-1928 – was the first of its kind in a Dutch church. The particular configuration allowed to create a large open area without columns. This large space offers the opportunity to host – in addition to religious services – other events in theme with the sacredness of the place, such as the periodic performances of appreciated chorales.