EVO in Rome for Jeunesse Expo 2018

The production of ‘ Jeunesse Expo 2018’ – a convention of high technological profile and spectacularity – has been entrusted to MMS, one of the most important Italian rental companies, specialized in the design and set up of large exhibitions, conferences, tours and TV shows.

76 EVO moving heads were installed at the Palalottomatica:

  • 24 units arranged vertically on the layers, in 8 lines of 3 projectors;
  • 12 on the ground along the stage;
  • 24 located on the third ring of the large indoor arena;
  • 16 units installed on the truss above the LED wall.

I used the EVOs mainly as tracers” – explained Sergio Cattaneo, Lighting Designer of the event – “both to create a decidedly squared geometry as opposed to the very fluid scenography, and to fill the huge open space of the Palalottomatica.
I used the 8-sided dyna prism a lot to break the light; the pre-post zoom control of the prism made it possible to create a completely different design in a moment.



Born in 1992, Sergio ‘Sergino’ Cattaneo approached the world of lighting when he was very young. He began his career in the provincial theaters as an operator of two musical companies, until the big step in 2012 with three national theatrical tours (theater will remain his great passion).
In 2013 he began working as a freelance and worked with various rental companies both as an operator and as a technician.
In 2015 he started a close collaboration with MMS, which gave him the opportunity to grow a lot as a designer of lighting projects.
Today, Sergio Cattaneo collaborates with internationally renowned Lighting Designers, creates lighting projects for conventions and events, and takes care of photography for large industrial vehicle stands in the EMEA area. Furthermore, he creates and develops the light plot for the stages of some national electronic music festivals.
Sergio Cattaneo has also opened ‘CUE Design’, his own studio where he shares projects with other colleagues.


Jeunesse Global is one of the world leaders in the production and direct sale of a wide range of cosmetic products designed to enhance and preserve a youthful appearance.
As a part of its ‘EXPO Thrive 2018 World Tour’, the company celebrated last October at the Palalottomatica in Rome the ‘Jeunesse Expo 2018’, an event during which it celebrated the results achieved in the last year of activity.

  • YEAR 2018
  • Rental CompanyMMS
  • Lighting DesignSergio Cattaneo
  • Products involvedEVO