Lithuania: Freedom Defenders Day

Lithuania commemorates day of Freedom Defenders annually on 13 of January to honor the 14 unarmed civilians who died to defend its recovery of independence.

30 years ago, in 1991, on this day, there was a massive peaceful resistance of Lithuanian citizens to the leadership of the Soviet Union to seize the Vilnius TV tower by force.

Light is used as media to which commemorate this important moment for the Lithuanian story.

The Freedom Defenders Day has always been a celebratory event: lot of candles have been lit on window’s sills across Lithuania and numerous events have been organized by the Government by lighting up strategic buildings.

This year, the Lithuanian National Library and the Government House were all lit using DTS equipment.


Due to the pandemic, the scope of the event and people participating this year was minimized. The President of the Republic of Lithuania, with the first lady and a few other officials were present.

  • YEAR 2021
  • Lighting & Set desingAB Light Arvydas Buinauskas,
    Dominykas Darulis, Paulius Malinauskas
  • Light production /
  • DTS distributor and support
    centre in Baltic countries
  • Photo creditsRūta Verseckaitė
  • Product involvedBRICK; SYNERGY 5 PROFILE