Architainment lighting project for the Madison Park in Moldova

Madison Park venue is an art-deco inspired wedding venue in the city center of Chisinau, Moldova.
Initially built during Soviet times, the facade was completely renovated recently in order to give it a more attractive and modern look.

DTS’s Moldovan distributor Ivasart was engaged to provide the lighting equipment to light up the newly-renovated facade.

We chose Fos LED bar models, for their power and color transmission. They’re a very good and reliable devices.” said Stefan Ivasco, Manager at Ivasart.

DTS’s FOS line provides a steady, bright light and is generally used for architainment projects. 5 Fos 100 full color and 4 Fos 33 full color were used for this particular project. The LED bars were powered and controlled by DTS Drivenets devices (for this project Drivenet 832 model). Fos proved to be the best option not only for the great color mixing but also thanks to the possibility to control them from a distance, making it easier for the lighting designers to change the program color effects and output whenever they want.

The projectors were placed on the ground, in front of the main door, and installed above the columns so as to obtain powerful and bright lighting on the white walls, creating a magical light effect.

Our idea was to be able to change the mood of the facade by changing the colors or effects. Now, Madison park is seen from great distances and is always an attractive place where people want celebrate a special occasion.” Says Ivasart manager Stefan Ivasco.