Martin City center shines with dynamic light, with TITANs.

From the 19th century, Martin is the heart of national and cultural life in Slovakia, and the seat of several nationwide cultural institutions.
The city central square homes interesting historical sites like St. Martin church, Turiec Museum, Evangelic church, Slovak
National Library.
The square is decorated with ten glass pillars, 10 metres high, covered with milky glass panels. The pillars create the space where concerts, festivals, cultural events take place, and where people meet.
To give the square a unique atmosphere in the evening and during the night, the city wanted each pillar to be lit with full color dynamic light. It was a demanding task, as the conditions inside the pillars are harsh. High temperature in summer, cold and wet in winter.
The fixtures had to withstand these extreme conditions and at the same time provide high quality full color light.
The choice was quite clear: the TITANs IP65 outdoor LED projectors by DTS.
Each pillar is now lit by 2 TITANs, set at the base and on the top of the structure.
The TITANs are powered by Z1 PLUS supplies by DTS, and networked so that the lighting parameters can be easily adapted to any event requirement.

  • LocationMartin City, Slovacchia
  • InstallerCity Light Slovakia
  • Project ManagerMarek Plancar
  • Product involvedTITAN