MAX lights up ‘De André sings De André Tour 2017’

Ioannis Vafidis – for colleagues and friends simply ‘Ciuf’ – is the lighting designer of ‘De André sings De André Tour 2017’ by Cristiano De André.
We thank Ciuf for his courtesy and willingness to describe the light show he has created.

Cristiano gave sort of a ‘dress’ to the songs of his father Fabrizio De André and consequently the visual concept had to have a slight traditional flavour that would leave room for the timeless poetry of Fabrizio.

The MAX moving heads (24 in total) are arranged on two trusses in backlight dividing the three levels of the stage (18 units), and on a front truss (6 units).
I used the excellent CMY of the MAX to obtain a range of pastel shades and variations of white color temperature that were the chromatic choice of this tour.
In addition, the flexibility and the amount of features available have allowed me to program a varied and dynamic show.
It goes from the ‘theatrical’ lighting of the more tender songs to the energetic and ‘rock’ look of ‘The Fisherman’ and ‘What I Have’.
With the MAX I also created special looks, a little more conceptual, in the most intimate and delicate moments of the concert thanks to very concentrated beams and reflections on mirrors.
I find it difficult to think of another projector that can give me such a range of possibilities in only 21kg and 450 W consumption.

In this third edition of the theatrical tour ‘De Andrè sings De Andrè’ the stage is conceptually divided into three levels.
The central element of the stage is the “Universal Embrace” backdrop by Violetta Carpino, which is matched by the semicircle of the musicians behind the artist.”