‘Musicon Path’: interactive lighting with EOS

Last June, the City of Roskilde, 30 km west of Copenhagen, inaugurated the lighting project ‘Musicon Path’, part of an EU project called ‘Lighting Metropolis’.

The purpose of the ‘Musicon Path’ – a pedestrian and cycle lane that links Roskilde’s quarter with the city centre and the train station – is to engage citizens in playful outdoors activities by way of a purpose-designed lighting.

The ‘Musicon Path’ features the world’s first pump track fitted with interactive lighting. The related lighting project blends an array of hi-tech fixtures and remote control systems with an artistic and creative vision.
The main theme of the lighting installation is water; a simulated flow of water along the track, like colored sea waves that interact and follow the cyclists while they ride along the bicycle lane.

This eye-catching ‘sea wave’ lighting effect is obtained by a smart use of lighting technology.
33 x EOS 6 FC LED fixtures by DTS have been installed atop a series of poles located along the path. They are fitted with medium and narrow lenses, and customized with an internal honeycomb light diffuser, and ruby red finish. The EOS units are remotely powered by DRIVENET digital power supply / controller units, and controlled via Mosaic Designer software.

The fixtures are activated via motion sensors that detect the movements of the riders passing by, and turned on in sequence like the rolling waves of the sea. The main color of the sequence is blue, clearly reflected by the white asphalt.

  • YEAR 2018
  • Collaborating partners:Ørsted, Roskilde, AAU ÅF Lighting
  • DTS fixtures suppliedFuturesales Aps
  • Products involvedFOCUS 6; DRIVENET 832