The Proumeyssac Abyss becomes a ‘cathedral of light’ with DTS

The Proumeyssac Abyss (La Gouffre de Proumeyssac), a vast natural cave of detrital limestone dubbed ‘The Crystal Cathedral’ – offers its visitors a new attraction: an exciting ‘son et lumiere’ multimedia show that integrates audio, 3D video mapping and a striking lighting.

The technical solutions selected for the new underground lighting system have taken into account the extreme conditions of that environment, such as the high degree of humidity and the constant flow of limestone water.

After the tests carried out inside the ‘abyss’ – located in Audrix, Dordogne, France – David Martinet and Freddy Beneyrol from ‘Atelier du Son et de l’Image’ have relied once again on DTS LED technology.

The 6 MINI BRICK projectors installed were chosen for their degree of protection (IP65) and their sturdiness; but above all for the powerful luminous flux and the homogeneity of the colors, which allowed to light up the top of the cave with an evenly diffused and uniform projection.

74 MINIFOCUS compact recessed projectors (IP65), have been used for a dynamic accent light of various elements of the ‘Crystal Cathedral’.

Finally, 24 DIVE 3 (IP68) underwater projectors were placed along the perimeter of the natural basins of crystalline water located at the bottom of the abyss, to highlight them with color in the magnificent surrounding scenery.

  • YEAR 2019
  • InstallationAtelier du Son et de l’Image
  • Products supplierESL France
  • Products involvedMINI BRICK; FOCUS 1; DIVE 3;