Sparta Stadium revamps its facade lighting with HELIOS BRONZE and DRIVENET

The Sparta Stadium, also known as ‘The Castle’, is located in the Spangen district of Rotterdam. To celebrate the centenary of its inauguration, the Municipality of Rotterdam commissioned Atelier LEK to create a suitable new lighting design for the original facade of the stadium, considered a city monument.

This was not a simple job, because the historical atmosphere of the building had to be preserved, while a more spectacular and dynamic lighting was requested during events and football matches held in the stadium.
Iris Dijkstra, lighting designer at Atelier LEK, designed a plan for both purposes: traditional and classic during normal days of the week, exuberant and spectacular during special and sport events.


To accomplish that project, Atelier LEK looked for the right fixtures:

  • LED lighting with sufficient light output,
  • a beautiful warm white light
  • the ability to project any color for special occasions.

The DTS HELIOS BRONZE 12 FC (IP68), provided by the Dutch company Full AVL Distribution, was found to be the most suitable luminaire: in addition to the right lighting specifications, the fixture also featured the mechanical strength necessary in public areas. The different lenses sets available offered designers the right tools to create the exact effect they were looking for.
Besides being deeply involved in the testing and choice of the HELIOS BRONZE, Full AVL Distribution programmed the lighting scenes and created a user-friendly touchscreen control solution, working side by side with project’s designer and installers, to get the best possible result.
The fixtures are driven by the DTS DRIVENET 832 power supplies / controllers, that were rack-mounted in a cabinet set in a protected technical area.

This means that the Sparta Stadium lighting installation is ready for the future.
The DRIVENET units, in fact, can remotely supply, control and monitor the status of the connected LED projectors, with total flexibility and reliability. Daily color is a neutral warm white; but thanks to the custom-built control application, users can select via pc any desired facade color matching the upcoming event.

  • YEAR 2017
  • Lighting DesignerIris Dijkstra
  • Design StudioAtelier LEK
  • Technical supplierFull AVL Distribution
  • Products involvedAKHELIOS 12 48VDC; DRIVENET 832