ARTEMIO highlights ‘The Experiment’

‘The Experiment’ is a tense theater performance, held at the ‘Megaron – The Athens Concert Hall’, which transposes a famous quantum physics experiment onto the stage.

The four actors play within a 6m diameter transparent bubble” – commented George Tellos, LD of ‘The Experiment – “For this show I needed a small and bright Fresnel fixture with an adjustable zoom. The light quality was very important for me. Just a month before the premiere I heard about the release of the ARTEMIO from DTS.
That was the perfect fixture for my show. 1,800 Lumens! Amazing what such a small light can do!
We proceeded immediately with its purchase, along with some FOCUS SOLO ZOOM projectors and DRIVENET 416 power supply units.


‘The Experiment’ portrays a family, living inclosed in a large transparent sphere, who is observed by an outside scientist, sometimes openly and sometimes not. The gaze of the scientist influences the behavior of the family. Like the electrons in the ‘double-slit’ experiment of quantum physics, their conduct changes when they are subjected to observation. To what extent do their reactions change? Which aspects of themselves do they show? Which ones are they hiding?