Umbria Jazz Festival

Within the scope of the fiftieth Umbria Jazz Festival edition of the event, the music contest sponsored by Conad was renewed for the tenth consecutive year.

The competition, open to young musicians, offers a great opportunity for the 10 finalist bands to perform on the prestigious stage of Umbria Jazz (Perugia, 7-16 July 2023).

DTS-branded Evo, Nick NRG 1201 and Scena LED were the projectors chosen to illuminate the Conad Stage in Perugia.

Umbria Jazz Festival

“I would stop friends on the street, ask them for a 1000 lire and say: from now on you are a member of the Hot Club Perugia.”

Carlo Pagnotta, born in 1933, thus recounts the birth of the Hot Club Perugia. This idea took shape in the early 1950s from conversations in a record store in Perugia between him and a small group of jazz enthusiasts. From the experience of the Hot Club – the concerts of Louis Armstrong in 1955 at the Teatro Morlacchi and Chet Baker in 1956 at the Sala dei Notari remain historical – the urgency to create an event to provide a cultural alternative with international jazz names and a chance for tourism and notoriety for the beloved Umbria region.

So Carlo founded Umbria Jazz, of which he immediately became artistic director, a role he still has today. The year is 1973, and a history of great successes, challenging moments and an inexhaustible passion begins, leading Umbria Jazz to change, modify, and evolve, always remaining focused on the main objective of linking a global vision to the promotion of a great small region.

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